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The premier RISC OS statistical analysis suite

In Memory of MUG founding member Robin Edwards

!1st Statistical Software

Robin Edwards is to the right hand side of this picture. Picture provided courtesy of Vince M Hudd

Download: 1st - Archive (445KB)

!1st is provided by courtesy of Audrey Edwards, the Estate of Robin Edwards

and by kind permission of Colin Turnbull of Circular Triangles Ltd

The archive is provided under the Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND 4.0

It is shareable as is, on a non-commercial basis,

unaltered and with full attribution.

All rights for this software (and materials provided with)

are reserved unless otherwise noted.

(c) Serious Statistical Software, Circular Triangles Ltd - 1990-2020

1st is 32bit compliant but may require !Aemulor for some later systems/processors

Tested and works on Raspberry Pi 1, ARMiniX, ARMX6, Iyonix & Titanium

Requires !Aemulor for ARMini, aka Beagleboard,Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 and Pi4 and ARMBook